| Public utility fire
| Roof collapse at a national toy store chain
| Self-insured loss: Deb Shops
| Tornado at Gibson Fiberglass

Public utility fire

LOSS: This major metropolitan public utility experienced a major fire in the distribution warehouse for primary parts and supplies. The situation appeared to be a catastrophic loss. The public utility and their insurer anticipated a claim in excess of $10 million.

SOLUTION: Skeptical of the measure of the loss and unwilling to accept the easy answer, BGA worked closely with the policyholder to recreate a mutually agreeable and verifiable inventory. BGA then recovered the salvageable inventory and facilitated a sale to a third party.

RESULT: BGA's involvement reduced the estimated loss amount by more than 50%, saved the primary insurer a significant amount of indemnity dollars and insulated the carrier of the second layer of insurance.

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Roof collapse at a national toy store chain.

LOSS: This leading retail chain experienced a roof collapse in greater Washington, D.C. due to record-setting rainfall and snow from a massive winter storm. The situation affected as much as 90% of the 45,000-square-foot building. The loss was estimated to be in excess of $10 million.

SOLUTION: Arriving on the scene quickly, BGA analyzed the situation and quickly secured the salvage. BGA then delivered to the national toy store chain a quantity of merchandise that was undamaged and secured the remaining salvageable merchandise by working closely with the demolition crews on site. This merchandise was extracted and moved to a secure, off-site location for inspection by potential buyers who satisfied all the stringent criteria defined by the insurance policy.

RESULT: By efficiently removing and selling the salvageable inventory BGA minimized the loss exposure for the insurance company, helped to reduce the overall downtime for the national toy store chain, and sold salvage that would have otherwise been thrown away for a total loss. Proceeds from the salvage sale covered all involved expenses and provided additional funds for the insurance company. BGA was the first salvor & appraiser to sell this national toy store chain's merchandise in the aftermarket despite the company's strict throw it away policy.

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Self-insured loss: Deb Shops
LOSS: This nationwide retailer of women's clothing experienced water damage in one of its 2000 store locations. The loss was determined to be below their deductible. The total loss was estimated at $10,000 in merchandise.

SOLUTION: BGA arranged to have the merchandise immediately removed from the location and coordinated the liquidation of the merchandise.

RESULT: As a result of using BGA for this self-insured loss, the risk manager only had to make one phone call to have the merchandise immediately removed and liquidated. Proceeds from the sale were made available to Deb Shops quickly and efficiently.

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Tornado at Gibson Fiberglass
LOSS: This major manufacturing plant was impacted by a devastating tornado causing extensive damage to 80% of the structures on site and as a result, 100% of the contents were affected. The situation appeared to be a catastrophic loss. The insured and their insurer anticipated a claim in excess of $12 million.

SOLUTION: BGA worked closely with the policyholder’s representative to capture the majority of the identifiable contents while allowing the insured to recover undamaged items that could be utilized in the manufacturing process.

RESULT: BGA’s involvement helped to control the claimed loss amount by physically inventorying and segregating the damaged from the undamaged product. Further, BGA’s involvement helped to insure the appropriate valuation of the raw materials, work in process and finished goods.

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